17 October 2007

Second Page...With a Bullet!

Big news everybody! Gather round, gather round...The Idea of Progress has moved from page four of Google when you search for The Idea Of Progress all the way to page 2!!!

There's a certain wikiality to this. You see, "The Idea of Progress" is actually a philosophical term. I didn't know this when I chose the name (I've used it for a variety of projects prior to this blog), I just liked the sound of it. Much to my surprise, I like what it actually means, too.

The Idea of Progress may be defined as the belief that, in general, history proceeds in the direction of improved material conditions and a better (i.e., healthier, happier, more secure, more comfortable) life for more and more people. More simply: In the long run, most things get better.

There's an optimism there that I like. I'm fortunate. It could have meant something like, "The concept that all people really want to listen to John Mayer," or "The concept that there are many excellent programs on during daytime television."

So, page 2.

I want to be on page 1.

I'm starting a campaign. Make me #1. Put a link to this blog (http://theideaofprogress.blogspot.com) somewhere. Anywhere. Do it twice. Call your Mom up, have her link it somewhere. Come on, I know your Mom has a blog.

Let's do this!


Ms. Laaw-yuhr said...

I too like the optimism of the idea behind The Idea of Progress.

And I think I've linked to you three times or so now.

kerrin said...

ms. laaw-yuhr is probably hurting your changes with the triplicate. silly lawyers love their paper work.

linking is not the only thing you can do to get listed better. one thing that would help a ton is register a domain name with the words "idea", "of", "progress" in the name. set up blogger to use this domain name.

create a sitemap and submit it to google.

use the phrase "idea of progress" 1-3 times per post.

if you are not serious about this just pay attention the the first paragraph. if you really would like more help i like SEO (search engine optimization) and could help.

McGone said...

Ohhhh... that's why you started a blog war with me! That's like Dick Cheney Tactics™ right there.

The Idea Of Progress said...

What's a site map?

kerrin said...

here is a site where you can create a sitemap for free. it's basically a XML document that google search engines look out to determine what pages you have and where they are on your site.


for more info check the reliable wikipedia:

kerrin said...

also check out this step by step for submitting a sitemap for blogger:

The Idea Of Progress said...

Kerrin: You're awesome. Thanks for the help.

pistols at dawn said...

Nice John Mayer reference.

And I was going to post something witty, but Kerrin just blew my mind with all his space talk. That's it, when the meteor comes to earth and we can only save important people, he can have my spot.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

The more useful content you have, highlighting your key words, the further up on the results you will go.
Links are secondary to content.
I suggest that you write more about the idea of progress in each of your posts. Include it in your profile as well.
This way, you will naturally fly to the top of the Google results.

kerrin said...

pistols at dawn, thanks but i may have to turn that spot down... to much responsibility. just blow me up with the rest of them.

Grant Miller said...

If I ever meet the "Grant Miller" from Stanford University who's usually just above me on Google, he won't know what hit him.