08 October 2007

The Idea of Progress Spotted Returning to Society

Associated Press
CHICAGO, IL- Folks in Logan Square usually lead a quiet life. Aside from the random rock concert or occasional gang shooting, all is usually quiet along these city boulevards. Until recently.

"He was 100 feet tall, I tell you!" local hipster Jack 'Green' Beane told the Associated Press on Monday. "He was stepping on buildings and tossing cars around like playthings! It was horrible!"

Local resident Jorge Garcia disagreed. "Él era un hombre muy apuesto! Él puede casarse con alguno de mis hermosas hijas."

It seems that the Idea of Progress has returned to the blogonetosphere 2.0. May God have mercy on our souls.

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pistols at dawn said...

One day, I want AP to run a wire story on me, and not the "Happy now, Pistols?" kind, either.