18 October 2007

Yesterday Was a Very Special Day

Yesterday marks the 100th day that the Idea of Progress has been on the blogroll of maverick billionaire Grant Miller, a poet, a warrior, and Assistant Professor of Medicine and CHP/PCOR Core Faculty Member at Stanford. How he finds time in his busy day to take a few moments to jot down his thoughts on the nudity of Samantha Brown, who's gay in Hollywood, or enormous penises is beyond the scope of even the Idea of Progress's fervent imagination.

The day I was added to this blogroll was like the day I found religion. No longer was I a mere mortal, content in burning down abandoned warehouses and stealing from the Salvation Army at Christmastime, for I was now the Idea of Progress: gentleman, scholar, and an all around fabulous fellow.

It was like being graced with the divine presence. Gaze upon his visage and wonder how you are struck blind for your impertinence.

Grant Miller, here's to 100 (actually 101) days of being added to your blogroll. Look how far I've come. WHY WON'T YOU RESPECT ME???? DAMN YOU MILLER! DAMN YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!


The Guv'ner said...

Will this be the post you're always remembered for as "that guy who swallowed a bottle of tequila and had a meltdown!" like that guy who yelled "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!"? :) Except you're all "WHY, GRANT MILLER, WHY???"

McGone said...

Grant Miller is a composite of at least 6 different guys, ranging in age from 17 to 63. The "Grant Miller" you met is just the spokesperson. I think his name is Todd something.

Grant Miller Media is located in an old barbershop in Schaumburg, IL, right next to a Chipotle restaurant.

red said...

I found you before GM even blogrolled you. I found your comments pithy and fun, and I clicked on that blue name.

You had readers before GM, IoP. I'm not saying he doesn't help attract more, but you could still exist without him. (I mean, if you really _had_ to.)

pistols at dawn said...

I don't mind him using me, but I wish he'd look me in the eye just once before, during, or afterwards.

Leonesse said...

How do I become a Grant Miller Media Whore and do I have to give all of my 7 earthly belongings?

Justin said...

But how do I get on The Idea of Progress' blogroll??

Grant Miller said...

That's the Stanford guy? I could totally take him.

By the way, I think that Grant Miller actually reads Grant Miller Media occassionally. If my sitemeter is correct. Which is a little freaky.